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Made Here Now shares top billing at key industry conference

People associated with Made Here Now are strongly represented in a key conference on the future of manufacturing, highlighting how people from the initiative are playing a central part in developments affecting the sector. 

Made Here Now is an initiative that highlights success in manufacturing and promotes the best resources available from other organisations working in this sector to help attract more young talent.

Sir Vince Cable, former UK business secretary and member of the Made Here Now advisory board, is taking part in a debate at the Financial Times event about the changing landscape of manufacturing and the way governments and businesses need to alter their approach. 

Prof John Uff, whose review of failings in promotional efforts to attract more young people into the sector has been highlighted here in Made Here Now, is involved in a session on future jobs. Peter Marsh, founder of Made Here Now and the FT's former manufacturing editor is chairing several parts of the event which takes place in London on October 3.