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Were you born to engineer?

Have a look at these videos in which students and young engineers talk about their ambitions and jobs – and reveal the extraordinary variety of careers open to students of engineering.

A-level student and entrepreneur:

Inventing a new product for the gas industry

Acoustics engineer:

Measuring noise levels in everything from elevators to aircraft

Biomedical engineer:

Using bubbles to take drugs to specific sites in the body

Building services engineer:

Designing services for buildings and whole communities

Computer software engineer:

Making technology responsive to what musicians do

Design engineer:

Showing that everything we touch, see and interact with has been engineered and designed

Electrical engineer:

From apprentice to senior woman at the National Grid

Energy Engineer:

Designing buildings for minimal energy consumption

Engineering entrepreneur:

Saving lives with a revolutionary fire-safety device

Environmental engineer:

Ensuring a high-quality water supply in southern California

School pupil:

A girl’s passion for aeronautical engineering

Sports engineer:

Making a better football boot

University student:

Making Formula One cars go faster

TED talk by Tim Minshall of Cambridge University about the urgent need to change perceptions of engineering. Tim also writes an engineering blog.

From Why? to Wow!

A charter scheme run by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) to encourage and recognise commitment to advancing the careers of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine. ECU charters enable organisations to apply for an award recognising their commitment to, and progress on, equality and diversity.

Advice for anyone considering a career in engineering

A gateway to really useful and wide-ranging information for students and teachers, including advice on apprenticeships and careers, stories about successful engineers and role descriptions. An interactive presentation for 11–14s explains:

  • What engineering is
  • What engineers do
  • How engineers impact on our everyday lives
  • The range of jobs engineers are involved in through real-life examples
  • The different routes you can take to a career in engineering
  • Where the jobs will be in the future

Inspire children to love science, technology, engineering and maths

Become a STEM ambassador. Some 30,000 ambassadors go into schools to help young people to make the most of STEM subjects. STEMNET also helps teachers to set up popular STEM clubs, as well as forging links between business and education through its advisory network. Most ambassadors are under 35, and they include apprentices, zoologists, set designers, climate-change scientists, engineers of all disciplines, farmers, designers, geologists, nuclear physicists, architects, pharmacists and energy analysts.

Educational and careers support and advice for women at all levels of engineering. WES campaigns to inspire more women to enter and remain in the profession and hosts an annual National Women in Engineering Day. A host of exciting events are planned in the build-up to the WES centenary in 2019.

The Royal Academy award scheme supports engineering undergraduates in UK universities who have the potential to become leaders in engineering, as well as administering other grants and prizes. It also runs an Enterprise Hub to support the UK’s most promising engineering entrepreneurs.

A campaign backed by entrepreneur Hilary Devey to attract more women into the electrical contracting industry through education and networking.

An annual award administered by the IET that recognises a young woman who has established herself as a technically excellent professional. Recent winners include an audio engineer at Jaguar Land Rover and an electronics engineer designing laser warning systems for aircraft. The IET also administers the Mary George Memorial Prize for Apprentices and the Women’s Engineering Society Prize.

Part of Warwick University, WMG is one of the world’s leading industrial research groups. It aims to provide manufacturing and technology solutions through collaboration between industry and academia. HVM Catapult focuses on the global challenge of low-carbon mobility.

Construction toys for girls can inspire girls to get building. Video presentation by entrepreneur Lindsey Shepard of Goldieblox.

Nurture engineering talent for the future

Teachers’ resources, curriculum-linked materials and latest information on STEM-based activities and challenges for schools and pupils. The education project is part of a three-year engagement initiative that sets out to inspire five million young people through the promotion of science and engineering.

Global £1 million prize, awarded every two years, that recognizes the engineers responsible for a ground-breaking innovation that has been of global benefit to humanity. The scheme also includes a network of engineering ambassadors.

Dawn Bonfield of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) highlights some incredible and inspiring stories of female engineers.

Search for your ideal STEM job

An easily searchable database of jobs in science, manufacturing and engineering, including internships and work placements. Jobs available in these sectors:

Electronic & Electrical:
Materials & Minerals:

A cornucopia of resources and classroom activities

Teaching resources and classroom activities for STEM students aged 11–19, including film clips, online games and quizzes. Website includes videos of young engineers talking about their jobs.

Encourage young people to make a better world

Resources for teachers including video stories that highlight the great variety of opportunities open to engineers.

Improve your skills and productivity

An agency that encourages collaboration between employers and teachers to transform skills and productivity in a wide range of sectors, from aerospace to process operations, and including business administration, customer service, leadership and management. As well as apprenticeships, SEMTA promotes graduate opportunities and professional development.

An initiative to show the next generation that girls and women (as well as boys and men) do science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Girls meet STEM role models, learn STEM skills, see STEM in action and have STEM mentors. Panel events, hackathons and exhibitions.

Think about a career in engineering

A gateway to really useful and wide-ranging information for students and teachers, including advice on apprenticeships and careers, stories about successful engineers and role descriptions in the fields of food, medicine, music, computing, space, sport, electronics, energy, film and television, green engineering, and construction. An interactive presentation for 11–14s explains:.

  • What engineering is
  • What engineers do
  • How engineers impact on our everyday lives
  • The range of jobs engineers are involved in through real-life examples
  • The different routes you can take to a career in engineering
  • Where the jobs will be in the future

Awards some 25 postgraduate fellowships and scholarships a year, for advanced study and research in science, engineering, the built environment and design.

A film about the creation of the Mac Pro computer, which involved the invention of entirely new manufacturing processes.

Guide the new trailblazers in engineering design

Resources and practical support for the education of design engineers at all levels, including the Ideas Box series.

Shaping future inventors and technicians

A growing network of university technical colleges around the country focusing on the teaching of technical and scientific subjects to students aged 14–19.

An annual ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and maths events and activities across the UK aimed at people of all ages. Organised by the British Science Association.

Debbie Sterling, engineer and founder of Goldieblox, has made it a mission to tackle the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Scholarship awards of £5,000 per year for up to four years for engineers studying for an undergraduate degree-level qualification. There are also awards of £7,500 per year for up to three years for postgraduate research leading to a PhD or EngD.

Are you a technical or commercial graduate with plenty of talent?

Graduate programmes in aerospace engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architecture, physics, process engineering, project management, safety engineering, software engineering, systems engineering, and technical and business management. The Babcock website includes a Meet Our People section.

Introduce students to a whole world of STEM subjects

Register for free access to online resources for teachers of computing, design and technology, maths and science. Examples include:

  • Computing without computers – an introduction to the main concepts of programming
  • Choosing a career in wind, wave and tidal energy
  • How to build an electric racer powered by a super-capacitor
  • Cre8ate maths project – applying maths to, for example, growing food, working with chemicals, childcare and early years, building for the future, digital design, making things work, food and drink, health and social care.

Applying the understanding of science to create real things

Four-part video about engineering and manufacturing, including information on careers, the working environment, key skills and tips for breaking into engineering.

Interactive exhibition for teenagers at the Science Museum, London. Challenges include designing a space rover that will travel across a landscape full of jumps, boulders and slopes.

Be part of a top British firm specialising in future technologies

Apprenticeships, graduate schemes and careers with a global defence, aerospace and security company employing more than 83,000 people in 40 countries.

Get your career going

Official government website providing the latest news and information on apprenticeships and apprenticeship schemes.

Discover what happens behind the scenes

Students, teachers and career advisors are invited to visit a wide range of manufacturing facilities across the UK to stimulate interest in technology and engineering. An initiative spearheaded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Solve the world’s problems

From jet-engine and wind-turbine manufacture to dentistry and brain surgery, Renishaw solves tough engineering and scientific problems. Graduate trainees and apprentices talk about their experiences and opportunities with a company that encourages innovation and personal achievement.

Making people’s lives better

Video in the series Who’s Recruiting – Direct Career Profiles. ‘If you want to make a difference, if you want to change the world,’ says engineer Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, ‘engineering is a formidable career path.’

A campaigning organisation dedicated to promoting female talent in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) from classroom to boardroom, and thereby driving economic growth. The WISE mission is to get 1 million more women into the UK STEM workforce.

Free online business advice and funding for young entrepreneurs in the UK. The Smarter Future Programme awards a start-up grant of £5,000 each month to one 16–30-year-old entrepreneur with an idea that addresses sustainable living challenges.

Discover fantastic job opportunities

Are you a science or maths student aged 11–16+ looking for career opportunities? Futuremorph offers careers advice, work experience, and case studies including stories from the ScienceGrrl Calendar

A snapshot of engineering today

In-depth report produced by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Foundation. Chapters on solving the world’s problems, recognising and understanding engineering, inspiring the next generation, and creating opportunity.

A series of videos for young people featuring researchers, lecturers, student and apprentices talking about their particular area of engineering and explaining some of the science behind it. Topics include: .

  • Scaffolding for bodies – tissue engineering
  • Shiny silver – basics of electrochemistry
  • Stent design – a biomedical challenge
  • Spider science – why spiders and their silk are so amazing
  • Design and build your own racing car
  • Use computer models to understand arthritis
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Fuel cells – why we need them
  • Fuel cells – how they work
  • What is an engineer
  • Recycling lithium from industrial waste
  • How 3D printing works

See engineers and apprentices in action

More than 20 short video films about careers in energy and engineering with companies ranging from BT to Scottish Power.

How Siemens is shaping the future of manufacturing

  • Virtualisation.
  • The internet of things
  • IT infrastructure
  • Cloud technology
  • Customisation
  • Smart systems that make sense of big data.
  • A look inside the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre in Coventry.

A gateway to higher education

Comprehensive list of engineering degrees offered by universities throughout the UK.

A project that brings together historians, archivists and practising scientists to research women’s participation in science and learned societies in the UK since 1830 and to develop strategies to improve the participation of women in science today.

Paid placements for students taking a gap year before or during a degree course in all areas of engineering, science, IT, e-commerce, business, marketing, finance and logistics. The scheme involves 300 leading UK companies, including Shell, Rolls Royce, EDF, Network Rail and GKN.

A regular event at Birmingham NEC showcasing the broad array of opportunities for engineers working in many sectors, including oil and gas, nuclear, computer software and construction.

Resources from the world’s leading museum of art and design

Extensive secondary schools and colleges programme designed to give students advice and practical experience of working in the creative industries.

Imaginative teaching resources.

Part of Warwick University, WMG is one of the world’s leading industrial research groups. It aims to provide manufacturing and technology solutions through collaboration between industry and academia.

So you want to be an apprentice?

Top-level training and high-quality apprentice recruitment provided by EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation (formerly the Engineering Employers’ Federation).

Take advantage of the renaissance in bespoke British tailoring

If you’ve ever considered an apprenticeship or career in textiles or tailoring, this is a wonderful place to start. Includes personal stories and information on jobs and training courses.

Teams of University Technical College students are challenged to design and build an amphibious solution to help stricken islanders on Angel Island. Some 40 teams are expected to compete for various prizes in time trials at the HMS Sultan national final in Gosport, Hampshire, on 17 March 2017.

Join the ambitious 500

The largest engineering firm in Europe offers apprenticeships at company sites across the UK and offshore in the power industry, construction and manufacturing, rail engineering and rail logistics.

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