Made Here Now

Explore the new world of manufacturing in Britain -
amazing advances in science and technology with great career opportunities

Video by Arabella Itani. Watch the full video here

Why Britain needs Made Here Now

Manufacturing is vital to Britain's future prosperity - but it is too often written off. Our goal is to bring stories and insights about the future of UK industry to a wider audience

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The new phase of Made Here Now has started. Read about our plans for attracting more talent into UK manufacturing and how you can get involved.

Depth and diversity

Manufacturing spans a range of businesses and technologies. Here we bring you four stories that illustrate how today's companies can succeed

Britain's place in the world

The UK remains a more important manufacturing nation than many believe. But it has slipped too far behind the global leaders: de-industrialisation has gone far enough

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What's next for British manufacturing?

Businesses face a range of challenges - but also have many opportunities to grow. We examine three key issues for the future

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Find out more

There is a huge amount of information about UK and global manufacturing. What follows is a guide to the best sources for insights into how the sector works - plus how to make important education and career choices

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