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Keeping pace with fast fashion

Young managers take clothes from drawing board to shop rail

Rosy Holden and Aimee Kelly

Ages: 28 and 25
Occupations: Client manager and production manager, respectively, at Fashion Enter (clothing producer) 
Location: London  

Rosy Holden and Aimee Kelly are among the 100-strong staff at Fashion Enter, a company making garments for fashion retailers that is based in London. The company is run by Jenny Holloway, a veteran clothing executive. Rosy and Aimee both say they like the variety of work on offer.

“My job is about talking to clients about their ideas [for new clothes] and seeing how these can be brought into production, sometimes with the help of our own designers,” says Rosy. “I deal with all sorts of people. Some designers from outside companies have great concepts. Others have ridiculous ideas that are never going to work. In these cases I have to try very hard to see if there is a way through to production.” 

She joined the company in 2015, while Aimee started the following year after getting to know Fashion Enter through work experience while studying at the London College of Fashion. “I count myself very lucky to be here,” says Rosy. “I love the fast pace and the excitement of being in this industry. In fashion you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”