Made Here Now is an initiative to change perceptions of UK manufacturing and attract more talent to the sector.


Increasing the flow of talent into UK manufacturing

Britain has an immense store of talent in manufacturing and many strong companies but the popular image of British manufacturing is poor. By shining a light on some of the untold success stories, we want to change perceptions and build a better future for the sector.

Too few people know the positive story of British manufacturing. Media perceptions are still generally negative.

Made Here Now sets out to change this. We believe that by using compelling photography, multimedia, design and writing, we can help to raise the profile of manufacturing. The more information that is made available about the realities of British manufacturing today – and the more this can be brought to life to help people understand what is happening – the better the future of Britain is likely to be.


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Our primary target audience is young people, specifically 11–16 years old, as well as their parents and teachers. We want to influence their future choices by showing them the excellent career opportunities that British manufacturing can offer. We will show why it is a great sector in which to work, demonstrate the various pathways to success and the support available to young people who choose manufacturing as a career. Above all we will excite and inspire them in order to increase the flow of young talent into UK manufacturing.

We have a clear way forward and are forging partnerships that will help us achieve these goals.

The project is already supported by more than 60 organisations across business, government and public life. We are now seeking more supporters to help sustain our efforts.

The people behind Made Here Now


Founded by Peter Marsh (lecturer and writer on manufacturing) and managed by Pepperneck (providers of marketing support to manufacturers), the Made Here Now project has been brought to life by a mixture of talented and knowledgeable people.