ERA Foundation — “Born to Engineer”

The ERA Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supports engineering skills development and aims to bridge the gap between engineering research and its commercialisation since 1920.

We work with organisations which share our principles, and ensure all of our partners have a significant stake in what we do and how we do it.

Our work with partners can involve generating new policy ideas; developing, funding or delivering skills programmes; supporting engineering engagement activity; or coordinating the sharing of skills and knowledge between partners.

Partnerships are at the heart of the Foundation works to achieve its’ aims. Our partners range from prestigious national institutions, STEM skills delivery organisations and large corporate institutions to local community groups.

We also work with government departments, policy think-tanks, and the financial sector.

The relationships we have built with our partners have allowed us to develop a wide range of successful initiatives and to achieve a much greater impact from the outcomes of our work in the sector.

The ‘Born to Engineer’ campaign covers all outreach work by the ERA Foundation. The campaign is designed to promote engineering and support the UK’s next generation of engineers.

The ERA Foundation uses ‘Born to Engineer’ to support a wide range of Engineering and STEM scholarships raising the profile of the engineering and manufacturing sector through lectures, seminars, awards and conferences, as well funding the ‘Born to Engineer’ website and series of short films.

While the ERA Foundation’s Clark Prize recognises the important role those involved in education play in inspiring young people. The prize seeks to reward exceptional teachers, technicians or educational advisors who have gone the extra mile in motivating young people to consider engineering as a profession and career.

For more information, visit the ERA Foundation website.

How We Work

Scholarships and awards

We look to support young people at formative stages of their careers through awards and scholarships and work with a range of valued partners to provide these opportunities.

Prizes, debates, reports and lectures

We seek to raise the profile of engineering and manufacturing industry through supporting lectures, seminars and conferences and by sponsoring awards.

Born to engineer website and films

Our “Born to Engineer” website is a hub for our short films and Engineering news and resources.

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