The Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham focuses on fundamental research in the field which is also known as 3D Printing. Additive Manufacturing, simply put, is a way of making things by building it up, layer by layer. It is not a single technology, rather it is several quite distinctive technologies employing different processes and utilising different materials.

We broadly investigate the myriad challenges which need to be addressed to enable the development of this promising technology into a mature and robust manufacturing capability. We are extensively funded by government research councils and also receive significant support through collaborations with various industries such as the aviation, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, defence and medical sectors.

Through our research we train the next generation of engineers through their post-graduate research to guarantee the UK has the right people with the right skills for the future of manufacturing engineering.

Hosts the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Currently in its second year of operation, this £4.5M EPSRC funded initiative will train over 60 PhD students in its lifetime, providing a cohort of young AM experts to benefit the UK manufacturing sector. The Centre partners with industry to give students invaluable experience and networking opportunity throughout their studies. All of the research projects have an industry focus, ensuring students experience real life research challenges and are well equipped for jobs in academia or beyond.

Added Scientific Limited Spin-Out Company

In 2014 the research group created a spin-out company to be better placed to handle commercial project work separate from academic research. Added Scientific is an agile vehicle for industry interaction with the knowledge and technical understanding of the group, to enable businesses achieve commercial success using Additive Manufacturing. Added Scientific will also create a number of high skill jobs in engineering supporting the future of UK manufacturing.

National and Community Outreach Programmes

The research group is also active in engaging with schools in the community through a number of events raising awareness about 3D printing. These can range from tailored workshop sessions in schools in the local area, helping them integrate initiatives into the classroom through to involvement in national outreach programme such as British Science Week and Pint of Science, bringing 3D printing education to the forefront of STEM outreach.