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Here we provide tools that will help manufacturing businesses inspire and attract young talent.

Made Here Now has created four presentations to help you … and they are free of charge!

They are visually engaging with speaker support notes and suggestions on questions you can ask the audience at each stage to encourage engagement. We also provide ideas for young people on where to go next to find out more.

The four presentations are designed to be used by you in support of young people visiting your facilities, but they could be used equally well if you were visiting a local school or college. They are designed to be used as separate units rather than one long presentation. Use the presentations at intervals during the course of a visit by a group of young people, or if you have a series of visits from one group, use one of these on each occasion to build up the story of UK manufacturing and what it has to offer.

There are versions of the presentations available as videos with the speaker's script included on the screen. These are ideal to promote on your website or social media, but we recommend that you use the PowerPoint version and present the script yourself when talking to a group – in order to maximise engagement.

We also present the results of a Made Here Now study into the jobs young people do in manufacturing. The stories of nearly 80 young men and women working in sectors from hovercraft to pharmaceuticals underline the diversity of roles available in the industry, as well as the range of routes these people have followed.

Manufacturing Now

We describe the role of the UK as a manufacturing leader, providing a diverse range of careers and opportunities. We include videos illustrating the success of young people already working in the industry and interesting facts designed to stop people in their tracks as we challenge their views of what manufacturing really is.

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Inspiring Innovation

Take a look behind the scenes at one of the UK's most innovative manufacturers, Brompton Bicycle, and see what's it's really like to work in manufacturing.

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Career Possibilities

We show what some of the 2.5 million people in UK manufacturing do. The presentation includes 'top trump' cards showing some of the thousands of roles available along with the required skills and typical salaries. We provide links to videos showing how young people can follow careers based on their interests. You can also find out about support programmes from the government. There is a section on how women are contributing to the success of UK manufacturing.

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Education Pathways

A game-style, interactive presentation allowing young people to explore the different routes to their dream "career castle". Covering apprenticeships, university, academies and vocational courses, each pathway provides details of what's involved including the range of choices and qualifications available at each stage. It also explores the new approach that will be available with T Levels from 2020.

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Download the presentations and feel free to use them on your website and social media.

We want your help to continue expanding and developing these presentations into a suite of tools that will help you engage and inspire the next generation in UK manufacturing.

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Made Here Now Presentations

Download the presentations

Power Point (PPT) Video (MP4)

Young Manufacturers

We set out the incredible variety of roles possible for young people in manufacturing by focusing on the stories of a diverse group of men and women near the start of their industrial careers.